GSM Modem

Initial testing of the GSM Modem Shield for Pygmy Nebula has been successful. The module uses a standard AT command interface through COM2. Two user controlled LEDs provide basic status information as needed. All the additional interface pins as well as the RTC pins on the Telit GE865 are brought out to a 0.1″ pitch header, allowing for more advanced projects or product development. The GSM Modem Shield will make an excellent evaluation platform for the Telit GE865 Quad Band GSM Module. A standard size 6 contact SIM holder with insertion contacts is situated on the top face of the shield, allowing easy access. Antennas should be attached to the uCFL connector on the bottom side of the shield.

Code is currently in development to allow HTTP, Email, FTP, PFTP access and SMS Send/Receive. Pre-release code has already achieved these goals. Release code with these features will follow shortly.


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